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The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC) is located at 2601 N. Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78705.

If you need more information about any of our programs or would like to speak to a specific OCCC department about our services, please select from the departments listed here:

˜General Inquiries or 512.936.7600.
  If you wish to follow up on an email sent to, you
   may do so by contacting the Communications Specialist at 512.936.7666.

˜Consumer Assistance (Consumer Concerns and Complaints)
  Consumer Helpline Number: 800.538.1579

˜Consumer Protection (Industry Examinations)

˜Licensing and Registration or 512.936.7600

˜Credit Education or 512.936.7639

˜Legal, Administration, and Public Information
  (Specific Contact Information Provided Below)

The OCCC affords all consumers and industry members quality service and attention to their immediate needs. If we do not meet your expectations, direct complaints about OCCC services or operations to Leslie L. Pettijohn, Commissioner via e-mail or call 512.936.7640.

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Consumer Assistance (complaints and concerns)
This department assists consumers who have experienced misrepresentation, fraud, and deceptive practices on the part of the businesses we regulate. Those businesses consist of Texas non-depository lenders: finance companies, pawnshops, home equity lenders, junior lien mortgage lenders, payday lenders, signature loan companies, and retailers who provide financing for their goods (including motor vehicle and manufactured home dealers). We offer a toll-free helpline for consumers to contact us directly with complaints and questions about the businesses licensed or registered with the OCCC. The helpline is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to provide these services:

Assistance is available on-line as well; you can download a complaint form from this site.

Call the consumer assistance help-line at 800.538.1579 or send an e-mail

Consumer Protection (industry examinations)
The consumer protection department operates a comprehensive regulatory program, consisting of both regularly scheduled examinations and special investigations conducted in response to consumer complaints. A routine exam entails a visit to each licensed location for a lender or pawnshop, assessment of the transactions that have taken place there, and inspection of key business records. Investigations focus on the lending or business practices of licensees, spotlighting those areas about which we have received the most complaints.

Direct inquiries to Rudy Aguilar at 512.936.7627 or via email:

Licensing and Registration
This department determines whether certain lenders meet the minimum qualifications to lend money in Texas, administering the initial licensing process and renewals. This department also manages retail creditor registration.

Licensing of lenders
Non-depository lenders desiring to make or arrange certain loans to Texas residents, unless specifically exempted, must be licensed by the OCCC. Licensing application forms are available in Credit Industry Services.

Direct inquiries to Licensing at 512.936.7600

Registration of retailers offering financing
Certain creditors that finance the sales of their goods and services are required to register with the OCCC. Such creditors include boat dealers, furniture and carpet retailers, some medical offices, etc. You can obtain registration forms and information by sending a request to the agency or by downloading the registration booklet.

Direct inquiries to Ann Harrington at 512.936.7619 or via email:

Credit Education
The OCCC offers educational programs to provide credit information for credit consumers and industries in Texas. Agency representatives make presentations at community events, direct outreach programs at high school students and teachers, and publish information on such topics as home equity, credit basics for consumers, lending terms, and pawn transactions. You can view these brochures and get an idea of other educational activities in Consumer Brochures, or check out the Useful Links page, where we provide links to organizations offering personalized financial counseling.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7639 or via email:

Legal and Administration
The primary responsibility of the legal and administration department is the operation of the agency. This department is composed of the following areas:

Executive management: Directs agency activities; assists the agency in meeting its objectives; maintains record retention schedule; establishes the rates that appear in the Texas Credit Letter; acts as liaison with the Texas Register.

Direct inquiries to Nancy Ebert at 512.936.7640 or via email:

Legal: Represents the agency in administrative hearings; provides support to the Finance Commission of Texas and the commissioner in interpreting laws; consults with financial institutions and other legal counsel about credit compliance issues.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7611 or via email:

Public information: Provides access to all the agency’s documents, excepting those deemed confidential by law; makes official statements about the stance of the agency; handles media queries.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7639 or via email:

Personnel: Provides information about job openings, employment provisions, and employee benefits.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7666 or via email:

Accounting: Provides financial statements and information about the agency revenue and expenditures; ensures prompt payments for goods and services; manages accounts receivable.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7642 or via email:

Purchasing: Procures equipment and services for the needs of the OCCC and its staff.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7650 or via email:

Information resources: Ensures the appropriate functioning and management of the agency's information resources.

Direct inquiries to 512.936.7650 or via email:

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