Texas Credit Laws

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Texas Finance Code by Chapter These are direct links to the Texas Constitution and Statutes Website

Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 11. Finance Commission of Texas

Chapter 14. Consumer Credit Commissioner

Chapter 301. General Provisions

Chapter 302. Interest Rates

Chapter 303. Optional Rate Ceilings

Chapter 304. Judgment Interest

Chapter 305. Penalties and Remedies

Chapter 306. Commercial Transactions

Chapter 307. Collateral Protection Insurance

CHAPTER 308. Consumer Credit Protections

Chapter 339. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Interest

Chapter 341. General Provisions

Chapter 342. Consumer Loans

Chapter 343. Home Loans

Chapter 345. Retail Installment Sales

Chapter 346. Revolving Credit Accounts

Chapter 347. Manufactured Home Credit Transactions

Chapter 348. Motor Vehicle Installment Sales

Chapter 349. Penalties and Liabilities

Chapter 350. Requirements and Limitations Applicable to Consumer Creditors not Licensed or Registered Under this Title.

Chapter 351. Property Tax Lenders

Chapter 352. Tax Refund Anticipation Loans

Chapter 353. Commercial Motor Vehicle Installment Sales

Chapter 371. Pawnshops

Chapter 391. Furnishing False Credit Information

Chapter 392. Debt Collection

Chapter 393. Credit Services Organizations

Chapter 394. Debtor Assistance

Chapter 1956. Texas Occupations Code

Administrative Rules



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